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Business & Mission Mission Statement: I will always make sure my client's best needs are the primary focus of any transaction. In my experience in the mortgage business I have seen the drastic changes that have taken place over the last half decade and know how to prepare my clients for the new home buying process.

Business Philosopy: I work to open a clear line of communication with all parties involved in a transaction. Once given the opportunity to assist in a transaction I will promise that your high expectations for customer service will be met and quick turn times and competitive rates will be provided. Please give me a call for any of your home finance needs and you will be glad you did.

Service Promise: 14-Day Close Guarantee ----------------- With Academy--loans close in a matter of days (rather than months) ------------------ More and more - banks and mortgage companies are taking 45 days (or longer) to complete loans. Not Academy Mortgage. -------------- Heres why: Academy is a direct lender, providing customers with loans within 14 business days. With the 14-Day-Mortgage-Guarantee, you can count on it. If for any reason relating to the loan, the loan is not in place within 14 business days, we credit customers $100 for any additional day it takes to get loan documents to title. This also preserves the lock on the low interest rates today that we see. We won't waste a customer's time & money (or ours).